Nepal 2006 – The Diary

Final Day

14th April 2006 (10:31am)

So the final day draws to a close. Last night we enjoyed a celbratory meal at Kilroys, an excellent restraunt.

This morning has been set aside for shopping, and most people spent the time purchasinbg a few last minute gifts.

Just getting ready for our group photo on the roof of the hotel, and then a bus to the airport; ready for departure.

Posted by Olly.

EPHC Sponsors

13th April 2006 (2:42pm)

We visited the school and met all the chilren there. it was great to meet our sponsored kids, called Khem Raj and Sanu Maya Lama. We had lots of pictures taken with them and met there mothers aswell.

We had a nice lunch in the playground and gave out all the toys and books. We stamped all the books to show they belong to the library there.

After lunch we visited the foundations of the new school. The land was expensive but for a very good cause.

Posted by Stu & Seb.

The Day at the EPHC

13th April 2006 (2:39pm)

This morning due to problems with the transport we were unsure whether we were able to go, and meet the school children.

In the end we managed to get a convoy of 9 taxis, Italian Job style. It was a wild ride.

On arrival to the school we were greeted by the children, aged between 3 and 8, and their teachers.

The leaders went upstairs to be shown the future plans for the school. The scouts and explorers stayed downstairs and were introduced to the children.

After this we gave out the cuddly toys, in the small playground. All the children were overwhelmed. Then while the children played with their new toys, all the leaders,explorers, and scouts stamped the brand new books that we carried over.

Once this was done everyone went inside and sat and played with the children, singing nursery rhymes, hand games and catch with the cuddly toys. Everyone throughly enjoyed this experience. Everyone was so surprised at how happy and polite the children were despite having nothing at all, in a tiny school. Because although it did not feel too crowded when we were there, only a third of the children were there at the time.

To give the children a break from then excitement we all went over to the new site where the proposed building will take shape.

After an explanation on the layout of the new school, we were given lunch which consisted of flat rice, and chickpea curry. Some of the competitive scouts and explorers decided to have a pull-up competition on the rusty swing frame.

Group photos were taken of all the children and us.

Unfortunately only one Nepalese scout managed to make it to the school to meet us all, the rest were scattered around Kathmandu. He was bombarded with various badges and scarfs from the different groups in the district which we are all sure he was very pleased about.

Before getting a crazy taxi ride back to the hotel we visited a national heritage site, similar to the monkey temple. On the way to the hotel we were going along in a taxi with a little street boy hanging onto the roof rack, banging on the windows. The ride turned into quite a race with the group split between 10 taxis.

Posted by Claire, Max, Thirza, Jacob, Tom.B, Phil.C & Olly.

The Last Few Days

12th April 2006 (5:16pm)

One of the highlights of the week was our guide Ramesh, who while on the trek, pointed out some monkies... unfortunatly when we got our cameras out, the monkies had moved out of view. Ramesh then done the scout thing and improvised, picking up a stone and throwing it into the trees to make the monkies move, the monkies did come out but unfortunatly we were in so many stiches of laughter we didnt get a chance to take any good pictures. As mentioned before due to all of the curfews, we wernt allowed out of our hotel on tuesday, so most of us were out catching a few rays or catching up on writing postcards. After lunch we all went rowing on the lake at Pokhara for an hour, tiring us all out.

Today we all are back in Kathmandu using all our spending money :-)

Speak to you all soon.

Posted by Rob, Mikey Sayers, Dom.

Treking the Annapurna Circuit

12th April 2006 (4:19pm)

We bused out to our start point and treked to a lake where we had a swim under a waterfall.

The second day was the hardest challenge and before lunch we climbed a steep 4000 steps. After lunch we climed gradualy to the campsite.

Got up really early to climb to Poon Hill to see a beautifull sunset and geta great view of Annapurna. we trekked back to the camp and set off again. we reached our camp and greatfully rested.

The rest of the days were gentle and not so hard but people were tired and rest was needed between getting to camp and dinner.

we finished out the days trekking through jungle and basking in the beautiful himalaya scenery. stu injured his ankle and we had to walk to pokhara and he had to be carried on a bike.

Posted by Stu & Matt Woolf.

City Life

12th April 2006 (4:16pm)

The trek was hard but the surroundings were very open and scenic. You could see the mountains from all around.

Unfortunatly on the last day the protesting flared, meaning we were stranded and had to walk to Pokhara. Although there was protesting, we were very safe and welcome at all times.

Flew back to Kathmandu today and there was no noticable protesting or violence.

Posted by Ashwin, Phil, Seb, Max Welch & Michael Speller.

Pokhara to Kathmandu

12th April 2006 (4:06pm)

Pokhara was quiet in comparison to the news reports about Kathmandu. However we spent a different day in the hotel, due to the curfew. It was very sunny and we gave extra tips to our porters for their efforts the night before.

Flew a very rickety plane back to Kathmandu. Its very quiet and calm and we have all been shopping. Rickshaws are great fun, indeed.

Posted by Hervé, Didier, Findley & Jeremy.

Back in Kathmandu

12th April 2006 (2:46pm)

Hi all,

Firstly can I apologise for the lack of use of the site up to this time. We were made aware of the situation in Pokhara and Kathmandu on our last day of trekking as we had no communication with the outside world while trekking.

I am now aware that some of the news (BBC) has looked quite bad but I would like to reassure you that everyone has been perfectly safe. As you are probably aware there has been curfews called by the King and strikes called by the seven major political parties. This has affected us as the rafts could not get out of Kathmandu so the rafting had to be cancelled. We stayed in Pokhara for an extra day where we said good bye to our porters and guides before all going boating on the lake.

We are now back in Kathmandu after flying (again) from Pokhara. Tomorrow we plan to go to EPHC to meet the children and hand over the books and toys. We will not know if this is possible until tomorrow as we will have to wait to see if a curfew is called. I will continue to keep you informed via the website as well as the home contact. Everyone on the trip will be updating you with their experiances very shortly.

Hope the weather in the UK is cold and miserable as we have good weather (overall).

Kindest regards,

Matt and the leadership team.

Posted by Matt Hone.

Arrived Safely

2nd April 2006 (5:00pm)

Touched down at Kathmandu airport at around 16:00. Piled into the minibus, while being hassled by Nepalease taxi drivers, and got driven crazily around Kathmandu. Once having to bump start the mini bus.

Hotel is very nice, we have now had our first evening meal. As we are all very tired we are heading off to bed, ready for an early morning at 7:00 and shall be heading off to the monkey temple and then catching a short flight to Pokhara for the start of our trek.

Posted by Seb, Jordan, Matt Woolf & Stu.